Aired on The CW at 9:00 pm, 28th of January 2014

Dance Back From the Dead   

FLASHBACKS TO 1919 - Marcel, still angered by recent events, refuses to help Klaus when a gruesome discovery is made in the Cauldron. Rebekah is on alert when she uncovers the remnants of a sacrifice down by the docks and immediately realizes that it's the work of a dangerous warlock from their past. Meanwhile, when Elijah gets some information that Rebekah may be in trouble, he and Hayley set off to find her. At Rousseau's, Cami comforts Marcel, who opens up and shares some details of his past with her, but things quickly spiral out of control when an unexpected visitor shows up. Finally, a violent confrontation ensues when Klaus faces off against a powerful force with an unmatched advantage over him.  42 link(s) were found on The Originals S1 Ep. 12.



3 thoughts on “The Originals Season 1 Episode 12 – Dance Back From the Dead”

  1. VampireTaN says:

    I like the family as a unit. I don’t think Elijah should give up on Klaus. There is some good buried DEEP in Klaus. The writers give us glimpses of it. He needs Caroline to exorcise his demons and keep him in line.

    1. InewtoTVD says:

      Elijah is every bit as bad as Klaus. Klaus is every bit as good as Elijah. Both have done what the other has done, in one way or another. Just like Damon and Stefan on TVD, of course the Salvatore bros aren’t near as bad as the Mikaelson bros (or however you spell their last name. lol) And NO NO NO ! Caroline is a betrayer! Klaus needs Cami ;) IMO

      1. VampireTaN says:

        OH We’ll! still Klaroline

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