Aired on MTV at 10pm, 25th of July 2011

Wolf’s Bane   

After the horrible transformation of Scott last week where Stiles wasn't able to contain him, the episode 9 continues with Scott still fighting for his new form. If you can remember Derek help him last week to go back to his senses right before he almost kills his love interest Allison. Of course he was beaten up by Derek just to end his crazy killer psycho form. That's when Derek reveals that the only way to make him back to normal is by killing Alpha which still raise questions if it will really the solution for Scott to go back to normal. Scott sustained a wound on his back and asked a specialists about it to immediately regenerate and be fixed. Watch Teen Wolf season 1 episode 9: Wolf's Bane which airs on Monday July 25, 2011.

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 9: Wolf's Bane Preview
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    thank you telepisodes for uploading the video so quick

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