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Apollo 18 is a sci-fi horror film that stars Lloyd Owen and Warren Christie. The movie was released in US and Canada theaters on September 3, 2011. Here’s the synopsis / plot summary of APOLLO 18.

In December, 1974, the Department of Defense contacts the crew of the previously-cancelled Apollo 18 mission to inform them that the mission is a go, though it has been deemed top secret. Commander Nathan Walker, Lieutenant Colonel John Grey and Captain Benjamin Anderson are launched towards the Moon, ostensibly to collect moon rocks, but their given mission is to place detectors to alert the United States of any impending ICBM attacks from the USSR.

Grey remains in orbit aboard Freedom while Walker and Anderson land on the moon in the lunar module Liberty. While planting one of the detectors, the pair take samples of strange rocks. While attempting to sleep, the pair hear noises outside and a camera captures a small rock moving nearby. Houston claims the noises are interference from the ICBM detectors. Anderson finds a rock sample on the floor of Liberty despite having secured the samples. During further exploration they discover footprints that lead them to a Soviet LK lander nearby, finding it functional but blood stained. Anderson follows tracks leading into a dark crater and finds a dead cosmonaut. Walker queries Houston about the Soviet presence but is rebuffed, told only to continue with the mission.

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Release Date: September 2, 2011

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